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How to Make Your Properties Stand Out in Property Listing Websites

[object Object]Geoffrey Okumu.October 11, 2021
How to Make Your Properties Stand Out in Property Listing Websites

It is no secret that most house hunters search online. That, combined with the fact that most property developers and agents are advertising online, makes it crutial that you should invest in making your properties stand out.

Property websites offer you access to a large qualified market. The biggest huddle is that the same orpotunity is offered to all your competitors. To stand out, you have to make your property ads as catchy as possible.

This post contains tips and techniques you can use to make your ads stand out from the competition. You will learn how to get people to click on your ads, and how to convert those clicks to leads leads.

1. Getting Clickthroughs

Property Images

The human brain processes images a lot faster than words. To capture someone's attention as they quickly scroll a page, you must use really catchy images.

house with swiming pool

Having a proffesionally captured image of your property could be all that it takes to get prospects to click and view your ads. You can either hire a proffesional photographer or purchase the tools do it yourself. To make a great photo, all that it takes is a good camera, good lighting, the right angle and an elegant setting.

You should also select the best photo as the featured image that people will see before they click on your ad.

The Ad Headline

It takes less than 2 seconds for somebody to decide if something is worth their time. During that time, they will examine the image and headline.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

― David Ogilvy

A good headline must answer most of the prospect's question at that stage in their property search. Most of the times, this will be:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • The house type
  • The offer type, sale or rent
  • The property location

Good headlines are like, 'Maasai Mara 3 bedroom holiday lodge', '2 Bedroom Apartment for rent, Nairobi'.

Features and amenities

Most real estate websites display a preview of the most important features of a property in the preview card to help prospects find their ideal property easier. A user searching for a property with amenities that your ad displays will clickthrough to view your ad. Adding specific ammenities will also rank your property high for specific search keywords and filters.


The most common search terms prospects use when searching for a property online will include a location. Adding useful location specific keywords will make sure your property is discoverable if users search within the listing platform or through other search engines.

Consitent Visual Guidlines

If you have a strong brand, following a consitent design guide for your photographs and graphics will make your ads instantly noticiable.

Refresh your ads

Always be on top of the list by occationally updating your ads. Most listings website show the latest ads first. By occationally updating your ads, they will alays appear on top in search results.

2. Engaging prospects

Detailed description

Provide an indept but not too long description of the property. Provide some interesting history if it exists.

Neighbourhood guide

Provide a detailed description of the neighbourhood and what community, lifestyle and amenities your prospect will be buying towards.


Provide proffesionaly captured, well lighted images that show case of the good angles of the property. Images sale, and you should always invest in high quality photography for your property ads.


Provide a video tour of the property to engage prospects in a higher visual fomart.

3. Converting


Provide the listing agent contacts. Make sure you provide a contact for the listing agent. Some prospects take longer to convert and will just save your number to get in touch later. You may also get selling clients from your property listings. Always include your contact.

Call to action

You should include a call to action as part of your copy to envite prospects to take the next step. A simple, 'CALL TO SCHEDULE A VIEWING' in your property description, will go a long way to encourage your prospects to reach out.


Now you know, go ahead and win.


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