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Facebook Lead Ads for Real-Estate

[object Object]Geoffrey Okumu.April 04, 2022
Facebook Lead Ads for Real-Estate

Facebook lead ads are a well kept secret among top performing real estate agents. Lead Ads allow you to collect customer contact information from your facebook ads. The best part is, your leads don't need to manually fill in their contact details as these already exist in their facebook profile. You get tons of leads and spend less on ads.

In this post, I am going to show you how to create Facebook Lead Ads and how to optimize them for the best results on facebook.

Facebook Lead Forms

To get started with facebook lead ads, you first have to create a form. Here is how to create the Form;

  1. Got to Facebook business suite.

  2. Click on More tools,

  3. Click on create a new form, on the top right corner.

  4. Fill in the form details

  5. Your form is ready to be used in ads. You can create new ads, with the lead generation Ad intent to use your form. Or you can click on boost on the forms list to create an ad with the form.

Success Tips for Facebook Lead Ads

Use Higher intent form type, instead of More volume. More volume form types allow users to easily autofill the form and submit which might lead to poor quality leads. Higher intent forms add an extra step for potential leads to confirm their details before submitting. This extra step is crucial to help improve the quality of leads you get.

Common lead forms usually ask for the lead’s: Names, email, phone number. This information is usually already available on their facebook account which facebook automatically fills out on the form. It is advisable to add an extra question just so that it is not too easy to fill out and submit the form. This is for the same reason as above. When it is too easy to submit, you tend to get a lot of low quality lead.

Use the ad’s image instead of uploading an image for the form. This is to create a seamless transition form the ad to the form.

Once published you can not edit the form again. Make sure you double check all details befor publishing your forms. If you are not sure about something, you can always save the form as a draft and come back to it latter.

Lead forms will not notify you on new form submissions. You can link up other apps for email notification. If you have a CRM you can check if your CRM supports automatically adding leads from Facebook Lead Ads. Another option for finding your leads, is to download the leads on the ad page.

That is all for now. Watch out for the next post on how to create winning ads using your form.

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