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Real-Estate Lead Generation Campaign Case Study

[object Object]Geoffrey Okumu.November 01, 2021
Real-Estate Lead Generation Campaign Case Study

We recently generated 42 leads in one week at the cost of $0.2 per lead for one of my clients, Hao Finder. Hao Finder is a real estate company that provides both rentals and properties for sale to their clients. In this article I am going to explain just how we were able to archive this and how you can also get similar results. The leads were a mix of rental and sales leads mostly for properties in Nairobi.

lead generation campaign

How we generate high quality real estate leads

To archive these results we used paid Facebook ad campaigns with the lead generation objective. The campaign was a Lead generation focused campaign. We used a clear and captivating exterior shot of an apartment block. This was a single image ad instead of a carousel or multiple images ad. These perform better as; for someone interested in your property to find more details, they have to click on your ads. The other unique thing about this ad is; we did not put any of the property’s details on the Ad’s description. We were promoting access to options, instead of a particular property.

What type of Facebook ad should you run for real estate leads

From our experience running various Facebook ads, you only need two types of Facebook Ads. One ad to generate interest and find your audience and another one to convert and generate leads.

To generate interest and find our audience, we use a video views ad and promote it to get more views. Even if you have no videos, you can convert your images into a slideshow. The benefit of video ads is that Facebook allows you to generate audiences using your video engagement.

For example, if you have a 20 second video. You can create an audience for people who watched your full video, this is your hottest audience. You can also generate another audience for people who viewed more than 5 seconds of your video.

How we generate real estate leads on Facebook

Lastly, you need to run a lead generation campaign targeting the audience you created on the above step. It doesn't matter the type of ad you run at this stage, just make sure you choose lead generation or conversion as the campaign objective of Facebook. This tells Facebook’s algorithm to show the ad to people most likely to become a lead based on their online activity.

If you need help running high conversion real estate lead generation campaigns on Facebook, contact us. We are a design and marketing studio that provides high performance sales strategies. Unlike most agencies, we can confidently guarantee that our strategies will grow your business.


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