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Real Estate Lead Generation Using Your Website

[object Object]Geoffrey Okumu.November 01, 2020
Real Estate Lead Generation Using Your Website

The most common reason real estate agents create websites for their brands is to get more leads from online channels. However, a vast majority of real estate websites fail, terribly, at this. This article is a guide to help you capture more leads using your website and finally justify owning a website.

This article contains over 20 website lead generation strategies that work for the real estate industry. Your website can be the most valuable lead generating asset for your business. This article will guide you there.

Lets start with the basics.

A lead is someone who has contacted you because they are interested in any of your company’s listings or services. These leads are website visitors who fill out forms to contact you, or extract your contact information, from your website, to call or send you a message.

A website converts a visitor into a lead by getting that visitor to fill and submit a lead capture form with their names and contact details. Or, by getting them to call or message you through a phone number or email that they got on your website.

Lead generation strategies using your website

Clearly show your contacts

Most websites display the phone number only on the Contact Us page. This makes it difficult for website visitors to find your phone number and impacts your leads conversions. You should make sure that you display your contact information at least once on each page.

Displaying a phone number and email address on your website makes it easy for people to contact you for inquires about your services. It also improves consumer trust. -- image here

Micro conversions

Create offers that require low investment from your visitors. These could be; a free consultation, an appraisal, subscribe for content, notifications, search alerts. These are the small steps your visitors take into buying your services.

Micro conversions provide valuable data about what strategies are working. They also allow you to create a qualified audience that you can re-market to.

Online forms

It is going to be hard to capture leads from your website without creating forms. Easy to fill online forms are the basis of online lead capture. You should aim to have a form on each page that you want your visitors to take action.

To better improve your conversion rate you should optimize and constantly test the performance of your forms. Good conversion forms have:

  • a clear heading,
  • an informative call to action(something other than, ‘submit’)
  • the right number of fields
  • easy to understand optional and required fields

Live chat

Add live chat to your website to talk to your website visitors live and guide them into becoming clients. Website visitors expect live chat

Have a clear call to action

If a web page aims to encourage visitors to contact you, make sure it is clear and easy to find, each page should have one goal that you want the visitors to do.

Build trust fast

Include testimonials, previous sales, awards and notable media mentions in your website to build trust with your visitors fast.

Email marketing

Create an email newsletter for your website visitors to subscribe for future

Events RSVP

Create event landing pages where your website visitors can RSVP to your events


Set up Facebook pixel to track who visited your website and service them targeted advertising


Write awesome articles that home owners or investors will enjoy reading to capture traffic and entice them to buy or sell with you

Create high quality videos

Create high quality property videos showing your listing in the most positive light. Videos are the most engaging on all media forms and lead to higher conversions

High quality images

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Gated content

Create an awesome piece of content, maybe a research paper, that website visitors will have to provide their contact information to access.

Design and brand

Build trust and authority with your website visitors. Make sure every thing on your website is easily accessible

Measure . Test . Improve

Integrate analytics to your website to track the performance of your campaigns and A/B testing new strategies.

Better error handling

What do you show your users, when they can’t find what they are looking for in your website. When a user’s search returns no results, that is the perfect time to convert that user into a valuable lead by offering them options to expand their search beyond the website, maybe submit their contact information for human support.

Saved searches

Offer your website visitors the option to save their searches and get notified every time there is a new listing matching their search query.

Search form

Allow users to search for properties on your website with multiple filters. This allows you to segment your users based on their search queries and show them targeted messaging that will convert them into leads.

Professional copywriting

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. By hiring a professional to write for you awesome copy that will convert leads.

Easy navigation

Create easy to access location based or feature based categories for your listings.


Including testimonials in your website will give you instatnt credibility with new website visitors. This results in a lot more leads coming your way.


The correct Call To Actions in the correct places will astronomically increase your lead generation. CTAs are buttons that tell your website visitors to take a certain action. Actions may be, to contact you, book a viewing or chat with your team.

Popup and button

User friendly popups are a gentle reminder to your website visitors to contact you. You can use popups to promote an upcoming offer or event. Popups work best when they present an offer, typically with a deadline.

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