Smartlancer Case Study


About Smartlancer

Smartlancer is a startup that aims to change how people think about work. Smartlancer created innovative products to empower talented individuals to work on their own terms. Smartlancer products are web based tools and services to help proffesionals start rewarding careers as independent consultants.

Freelancing has always been viewed as a side hustle, but not any more. More and more people are starting freelancing careers as their main and only source of income. It has proven to be a very luxrative industry to both, the businesses, who are getting access to high quality talent without long term commitment, and the freelancers.

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to communicate this revolution in how people preffer to work and inviite people to participate through the smartlancer platform.

The outcome

The result was a responsive, fast, and easy to use web platform. We made use of only one typeface and applied several industry best practices to make sure the website was as data light as possible and loaded extra fast.