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About Client: Hao Finder

Hao Finder is an IT and Real Estates Company that provides property search, marketing and management services to Landlords, Tenants, Agents and Realtors.

Aside, Hao Finder conducts studies in the community through our Research and Development teams to develop ICT and Real estates solutions that seal up existing business and service provision gaps through innovative technology.

{' '} The company’s vision is to be the ultimate global reference company in provision of Integrated digital accommodation and or housing access and management Services. Hao Finder solutions and services are deployed at several up scaling towns and counties, individuals, private and public companies in Kenya.


Hao Finder approached me to redesign their marketing landing pages to better communicate their value and capture more traffic.


After the initial discovery and research sessions with the Hao Finder team, we come up with several ideas to improve the Hao Finder product which we integrated into the new site. The result was a mobile-friendly, performant and easy to use site that communicates Hao Finder's value and differentiation from competitors. We also integrated a blog site to{' '} capture more leads through search and social media.


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  • Time: 2 Months
  • My Role: UI Design, Front-end Development, Content
  • Check the live site at{' '} haofinder.com

UI Design

The design scope included; a home page, B2B services page, about page, blog page, user requests forms, locations page and privacy and terms pages. I was working with the company's existing brand elements, colors and type. My work was to find a way to merge function and beauty into the new Hao Finder online home.


The new Hao Finder website was developed using the Reactjs front-end library. The Hao Finder team is an agile and innovative group. They leverage their agility to conduct experiments and ship innovative products fast. By developing the new site with reusable components, I am setting the stage for faster future development times through code reuse.

Content Strategy

In order to capture more leads through content, I conducted a content strategy workshop with the Hao Finder team. Hao Finder already had a content workflow plan but we were still able to gain more value from the workshop by narrowing down the audience, content types, delivery platforms and design a new publishing platform that takes in to account the content experience.

Gilbert Waliuba , Managing Director

Geoffrey is a knowledgeable and experienced developer. He captured the strengths and uniqueness of our company perfectly. Anyone will be fortunate to work with him

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