About (GOSt) Geoff Okumu's Studio

GOSt is an abreviation for Geoff Okumu's Studio. It is the brand under which I help real estate agents and companies capture more leads online through content and web design.

My mission is to use design and storytelling to inspire positive action.

I started GOSt with one mission, to use interactive content and storytelling to inspire positive action. I believe that all content you post should invite people to say something back. With many brands getting on the content marketing bandwagon, I discovered that there was so much content on the web that provided little value to readers. There had to be a better way to do it. A way for brands that cared about their users to differentiate themselves and provide meaningful value.

I have spent the last months learning, experimenting and developing innovative solutions to improve the content experience for users. I found that content experience brings a lot of value to both the content consumers and the brands who develop these content.

I aspire to be the industry leader when it comes to creating new, thoughtful and interactive web experiences. I currently collaborate with real estate agents and companies to develop interactive web experiences that build brand loyalty and act as a base for organic online growth.

I believe that the communications you put out into the world should invite others to say something back. It is the basis of most of my design strategies which have helped business capture more leads online.

That's all for now, if you wish to know more about me, feel free to reach out at - hello@geoffokumu.com