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Real estate lead generation campaign case study

Geoffrey Okumu01 Nov 2021

We recently generated 42 leads in one week at the cost of $0.2 per lead for one of my clients, Hao Finder. In this article I am going to explain just how we were able to archive this and how you can also get similar results....

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20+ Property Websites to Promote Your Properties in Kenya

Geoffrey Okumu19 Oct 2021

This post is the most comprehensive list of property websites in Kenya. With categories for luxury property websites in kenya, furnished property websites in kenya, serviced apartments in kenya, properties to rent in kenya, properties to buy in kenya, real estate news in kenya...

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How to Make Your Properties Stand Out in Property Listing Websites

Geoffrey Okumu11 Oct 2021

Simple real esatate property marketing tips to help you convert more prospects from listing websites. How to use good real estate photography, copywriting and CTAs to get more leads....

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How much does a real estate website cost

Geoffrey Okumu07 Apr 2021

Real estate websites can be expensive, very expensive. But that does not mean you can’t get an affordable one. In this post, I am going to show you several options to get a real estate website that will elevate your business without breaking the bank....

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Facebook Lead Ads for Real-Estate

Geoffrey Okumu04 Apr 2021

In this post you are going to learn how to generate real estate leads with facebook lead ads. Facebook forms allow you to collect customer contact details from your facebook ads....

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Real Estate Lead Generation Using Your Website

Geoffrey Okumu01 Nov 2020

In this post series you are going to learn everything that there is to know about online lead generation using your website. You will learn everything from common terms to techniques marketers use to get the most from their websites....

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